More on Project Cars VR


I just got back from a weekend in Davis for my brother’s graduation (Go James!). Davis is a great town for a lot of a reasons, not least of which is their proud biking and walking culture. You see bike motifs everywhere, from local restaurants’ glassware to the garbage cans on the street.

Another reason is Sudwerk brewing. I’ve seen their stuff distributed around LA, mainly their Cascaderade IPL (great name), but was not super familiar nor knew they were Davis-based. They have a series called Brewers Cut, which are barrel aged wilds and sours and my favorite style, so I left Davis a happy beer fan and with three bottles to “cellar” (aka like never drink. Sometimes I wonder if I’m more into buying, collecting and talking about beer than drinking it…).

The weekend was also fruitful for my VR setup, since I received a Logitech force-feedback steering (Driving Force GT) wheel that Emma’s parents weren’t using anymore. It is seriously immersive in Project Cars and that feeling is multiplied when combined with VR. Each car feels so different. I really enjoy driving the smaller classic cars that have a large power-to-weight ratio and poor traction control. Each fast turn feels real and stressful, compared to something like the big, heavy, sophisticated AMG SLS that feels like it’s on (very front-weighted) rails.


Regardless of the car, I spend a lot of time in the grass. Driving is hard.

Written on June 20, 2016