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Today was a lot of why I always enjoyed academic-style research but ultimately left it. We ran into an issue over the weekend that prevented us from getting something done before users hopped back on Monday morning.The task of the day today (Monday) was to get it solved so we don’t run into the same problem this weekend and could have the system ready by next Monday. 

This consisted of throwing around a lot of ideas, building prototypes and testing to see how well they worked and if they could get it done in time. I loved it. Designing experiments and gathering data is exciting and a big reason why I went to grad school.

But after working on it all day, we didn’t get convincing enough to be confident that, come Sunday, we wouldn’t have to tell the client that we’re going to delay again. We threw most of that work away (well, tucked it in the back pocket in case something similar shows up to take advantage of it) and ended up building a solution that will continuously

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