batch 3 of vinegar fermentation i rested the

Batch 3 of vinegar fermentation. I rested the bottles of Cabernet for a few weeks to let the sediment settle down to the bottom. You can see the non-ideal condition the cork has been in. But, with a little finesse, it came out in one piece! (Can’t say the same about the chardonnay).

What’s cooking:

  1. 350mL ‘87 Chardonnay, 50mL Eden raw red wine vinegar (1/13)
  2. 300mL '87 Chardonnay, 100mL Eden raw red (1/14)
  3. 650mL '89 Cabernet, 100mL Eden raw red (1/25)
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after using the nexus 5 for a little i realized

After using the Nexus 5 for a little, I realized how much I was missing by using Touchwiz and took a second look at installing a custom ROM on my (now Emma’s) Galaxy S3. I was always a little skeptical about flashing my phone since I expected it to be a risky procedure involving careful backups, well-placed commands and security workarounds. Well it was as easy as downloading an app and hitting “Install”.

I couldn’t believe It Just Works.

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