Scrobbling through the years

Spotify lets your hook up your account to keep track of what music you listen to. I used a to csv service someone put together to grab my data, then sqlite DB browser to run queries on it. 

The first thing I did was get a list of the top played artist each week as long since July 2013, when I started keeping this data (summary/freqArtist.csv, on the github repo). Not a lot stands out just looking at that, but then I sorted the top artists by how many times they were the top artist of the week (summary/topArtists.csv). 

List of artists with >1 week on the top-artist-of-the-week list:

This is arguably a list of my “favorite” artists, since I both listened to them a lot– enough to be top of the week– and they stood the test of time– being listened to over the span of several weeks. And I think the list is pretty accurate.

Next, I took a look at how much I listened to a few artists before/after seeing them live. 

I listened to some artists a lot leading up to the show, then much less immediately after (SOHN, Tame Impala), some that I didn’t listen to much before, then a ton after (Bonobo, Jon Hopkins), and some that I listened to for months before and months after (Eric Prydz, with some serious cramming right before the show).

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