Distribution of NYT Crossword Difficulty (according to Rex Parker)

We try to do every day’s NYT crossword at work (2+ month streak!) and we check to see what crossword enthusiast, Rex Parker, has to say about each. We often think they’re are harder than he rates them, so I wanted to see how even Rex’s “Relative Difficulty” was distributed.

Turns out it’s not bad. I scraped his blog for the past 1695 days and (brutishly) lumped each score into buckets. My methodology is below:

  • If the word “Easy” was in the difficulty, then add “1″ to the “Easy” column for that day; else blank
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diplomacy because its not a real board game

Diplomacy: Because it’s not a real board game unless someone leaves in anger after 6 hours of “playing”.

People make fun of board-game-nerd board games (e.g. Agricola, Twilight Imperium, even some Catan expansions) because of the large amount of time spent learning the rules and setting the game up. I can confidently say that the ratio of setup:play time in Diplomacy is a very low 1:20! (30 mins setup/learning, 10 hours playing)

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no title

First professional league match! NALCS Regional Qualifiers C9 vs NV

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